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Electrical Utility Systems


High-performance, 100% solids, two-component, fast-set systems intended for use with plural component spray equipment with a mix ratio of 1 to 1.


Electrical Utility System 

Case Study

PROJECT: Product designed for molded parts to prevent animal

caused power outages. 
CONTRACTOR: Cantega Technologies Inc.
INDUSTRY CHALLENGE: Quantum was approached by Cantega, 
a company looking to provide a solution designed to improve reliability by preventing animal-caused outages on power distribution systems, including substations and power lines. Exposed surface areas are susceptible to animal contact causing power outages. Outages are costly and result in significant loss of wildlife. Utility companies were increasingly feeling the pressure to take action to protect wildlife.

SOLUTION: A precise fitting cover would be the key to preventing these contacts and the resulting outages. Conventional strategies involved using pre-made covers which unfortunately did not always fit properly and could even create new nesting areas. Cantega was looking to provide both assembly and custom-designed parts to provide precise, gap-free coverage. They patented a method for measuring electrical installations while they were live and could also use 3D modelling to create parts. What they needed was a material that could rapidly produce a wide array of diverse parts.

GREENJACKET was an innovative coating designed with the following attributes:

• outstanding electrical resistance properties
• good durability

• would meet strict guidelines for fire resistance and tracking
• meets IEEE standards
• enables power providers 
to offer customers improved system reliability, while at the same time protecting sensitive wildlife

• high dialectic rating that can sustain an electric field but does not conduct electric current

• coating solution that substantially mitigates the risk of outages while protecting indigenous wildlife
• tested to ASTM D-4329 (in typical conditions, a rating of 25 years longevity was determined)

• additional testing and product information available at www.cantega.com 

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