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Quantum Technical Services Ltd. new image is no longer new but accurately reflects our active research and development in the global market and average annual growth of 15.5% since our inception 23 years ago.

What is BRAND NEW, are our ILLUSTRIUM™ Industrial Coatings. Check out detailed information on our ILLUSTRIUM™ page. 

In keeping with our strategic path forward in 2018 and beyond, to develop additional products and expand our market offerings, we now manufacture three diverse brands, PRECIDIUM™ Protective Coatings Innovation (elastomerics), ILLUSTRIUM™ Industrial Coatings (DTM high-gloss industrial coatings) and SafeCoat® Fire Retardant Coatings (fire retardant paints and penetrants). With R&D taking the lead, the path forward is one of clarity, embracing what this company does best - develops and manufactures environmentally-friendly zero and low VOC chemicals.  

Quantum's face in cyberspace - Quantum Chemical - is providing clarity to who we are and what we do. Quantum's R&D Specialists work with great intent to ensure the 'green footprint' of our innovative chemicals. We're excited about that, and we want our image to reflect who we are - a formulator and manufacturer of innovative chemicals.

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