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PRECIDIUM™ MTI Seamless Floor System

There is a "New Reality" emerging from COVID-19 which will include vigilance in providing clean, sanitary public spaces. For our PRECIDIUM™ MTI (Mass Transit Innovation) Seamless Floor System, this has always been "Our Reality". PRECIDIUM™ MTI is a liquid-applied membrane that bonds to the subfloor - creating a permanent, monolithic seal over the entire surface. This durable, non-porous and highly cleanable floor has no seams to attract and hold dirt and germs, providing your riders with the confidence you are concerned and taking steps to protect their health and safety.

Next Stop: Coatings Instead of Carpeting

March, 2008

Carpeted floors in BART passenger cars were in dire need of attention. Due to BART's stringent safety legislation, the worn out carpet couldn't be easily replaced. In addition to being fire-resistant, the flooring must stand up to water, dirt, and the constant grinding and shuffling of feet. PRECIDIUM™ MTI Floor System does all that ... and a lot more.

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SafeCoat® Latex Intumescent Paint

Patented Transit Fire Retardant Polyurea

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