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Protect your deck.

It's all in the Chemistry!

PRECIDIUM™ Seamless Deck Coating System

Layered Deck System may include the following layers depending on deck substrate and design. 


• ACCENT COLORS (broadcast media such as paint chips or quartz may also be used)

Self-levelling and slow-set coatings intended for use with gauge rake, roller, squeegee, 
and gravity feed

PRECIDIUM™ 2200 Primer

Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso

• Urethane primer designed as an adhesion primer

• Low viscosity for excellent substrate penetration; easy to use
• Reduced pinholing on concrete

PRECIDIUM™ 2100 Repair/Membrane

Quantum PRECIDIUM™ PCI: Self-levelling polyurea membrane for floors and decks.
PRECIDIUM™ PCI Self-levelling Primer

Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso

• Zero VOC, 100% solids
• Self-levelling properties ideal for decks and floors

• Superior physical properties

• Multi-purpose seam or system repair
• Surface membrane on wood decks
• E
xcellent adhesion on wood without a primer


Volume Solids: 100%; VOC: 0

Mix Ratio: 2:1 (Volume) (Resin:Iso)

Durometer Hardness: 43D

Tensile Strength: 3138 psi

Elongation: 575%

Tear Strength: 356 pli

Abrasion Resistance: 0mg loss (CS-17 Wheel, 1000 cycles 1000 g load)                    

Pot Life: 20 minutes

Touch Dry: 90-120 minutes

Tack Free: 120-240 minutes

Recoat: 4-36 hours (depending on temperature and humidity)


• One-component, water-based aliphatic used as accent colors on aliphatic base coat
• Durable and versatile option to broadcast media (paint chips, quartz, etc.)

• Unlimited color choices and combinations
• Accent sizes are based on the settings of the application equipment
• Produce a pleasing random pattern like natural stone

• Exceptional weather resistance and colorfastness

• Easy and fast application with quick cure  

PRECIDIUM™ LS1150D Aliphatic Base Coat/Top Coat

Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso


• Two-component aliphatic coating

• Used on its own or as part of our PRECIDIUM™ LS1150D RFS.

• Ideal substrates are properly prepared concrete, wood, steel

• Can be used over other compatible polyurea and epoxy coatings

• Excellent UV protection on aromatic coatings (commonly used on truck bedliners)

PRECIDIUM™ PCI Accented Floor System
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