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15 Riel Drive

St. Albert, AB

From the Basement to the Business Park

Strong Partnerships Through Innovative Solutions!

Private Corporation established in 1995
Quantum's founder, Tony LaGrange, obtained a B.Sc. Degree in Chemistry and worked in many areas of the industrial and commercial coatings industry. His niche was providing products and technical assistance to address environmental and performance requirements to the specialty coatings market. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. LaGrange began first in his basement where he was the consultant, research and development chemist, manufacturer, shipper, purchaser, receiver and bookkeeper. He expanded to his garage, but in short order leased a facility in Edmonton and began to grow his team of experts. In 2010 he built his own state-of-the-art R&D and test laboratory and manufacturing facility in the Riel Business Park in St. Albert, AB, along with an excellent reputation for formulating solvent-free elastomers and fire retardant coatings.


We continue to work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions. We take the time to understand your concerns, do a feasibility analysis and realistic project completion dates. By working closely with our customers, Quantum has become an established industry leader of a diverse line of innovative products.                                                                                      

Quantum Chemical Corporate Video: For a three-minute synopsis of our company, learn more about our story from our short corporate video below, which is best viewed full-screen. Click the image.

Video created compliments of the City of St. Albert 

Corporate Rebrand
Mission & Vision Statement
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Original Logo: 1995
25 Year Logo.png

2020 Anniversary

Corporate Rebranding 

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2020 New Quantum Logo with Tagline Websi
New Business Name & Logo: 2012
Corporate Rebranding: 2020

Quantum’s 25th Anniversary came in on the wave of an unprecedented pandemic and unexpected global turmoil ... but we have always embraced a good challenge. Twenty-five years is a significant achievement and marks an important milestone on our journey building a modern brand. Over the past 25 years we've been constantly growing, adapting, and evolving to meet the rising expectations of our customers. Our new logo was officially implemented in August, 2020 as an integral part of our corporate rebranding to both reflect and enhance the evolution of our mission and vision.

We have always aspired to be the epitome of chemistry: the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions: their composition, structure, properties, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances.

Our company's greatest strength has always been our robust Research and Development Team and focus on solving industry challenges with innovative new products. 

  • Innovative: coating solutions that are zero VOC to exceed legislation requirements and satisfy industry challenges

  • Resourceful: coating solutions that withstand the most demanding environments

  • Efficient: coating solutions that help our clients with their productivity in getting their important things done consistently

  • Tenacious: we formulate, test, formulate, test, perfect, test … move to independent testing … introduce solutions … and welcome satisfied customers. 

That will never change!

We are also the epitome of synergy: the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

  • Staff: work together as a cohesive team

  • Clients: your challenges become our own; we are not satisfied until you are successful; we don’t just work for you, our team becomes part of your team

  • Industry Professionals: consult and exchange information with architects, engineers, specifiers, to support our customers

  • Vendors: solid relationships with suppliers help us to be on the leading edge of new technology in the chemical industry; logistic partners help us provide the best rates and timely deliveries to our customers

  • Environment: global leaders setting new standards in environmental stewardship; utmost respect for our environment

  • Community: we are with you - on your commute, at work, at home, at play, protecting your assets, saving lives; we are everywhere – facilities, equipment, infrastructure; we are part of our community

  • Government: work closely with all authorities to ensure products satisfy code requirements

  • Philanthropy: support community organizations; look towards a better future inspiring the next generation of innovators

Our new logo captures both the chemistry and the synergy. As a contemporary and purposeful design, it bold, strong, simple and clean. The orbitals, a two-color graphic representing Quantum and each entity we partner with, move in synergy with one another, representing our dedication to all our partners - especially our customers but equally all our professional and personal relationships. The sense of movement captures our forward momentum as we adapt quickly to the constantly changing demands of industry.

Our logo is a quick, non-verbal message about our company, achieved through both design and colour. The blue-green appeal of teal highlights our choice to formulate 'green' coatings. The traditional emotional responses to the ever-popular blue tones are trustworthiness, dependability, security, responsibility, and confidence where green is synonymous with calmness, safety, and freshness. Teal is the "new blue" and "new green" that sets us apart and creates a unique brand identity. It is associated with health along with the feelings of peace, serenity, growth and new life synonymous with environmental responsibility. It depicts wealth, health, prestige, serenity, generosity, safety, growth. As a cool color, Teal also creates a sense of calmness and security. 

We chose a bright teal for a perfect contrast to black which is used as one of the most classic options. Both classic and sophisticated, it makes our brand identity stand out. It works perfectly with luxury products, blending the classic and powerful elements. We strive to take the 'basic' out of our coatings, making them both functional and aesthetic. Black depicts prestige, value, timelessness, sophistication, power. The combination of black and teal represent our values and philosophy. They highlight our strength as a company, the boldness of innovative thinking, environmental responsibility and the trust and loyalty we share with our partners.  

The design of our font speaks volumes about who we are. It is clean, bold and strong with precise kerning to reflect the precise balance of our formulations. The emphasized Q and C highlight our attention to quality control protocols and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System. 

Our new look communicates the essence of who we are - a cutting edge manufacturer with a strong focus on partners, quality and innovation.

We commemorate our previous brands, but at the same time look forward to the future. Additional customer service personnel have joined our team to support our strong R&D Department and together we will continue to forge strong, loyal partnerships. Customer satisfaction will be our legacy. We want to thank you for choosing our products and services and look forward to working with you as part of your team in the future.

Mission and Vision Statement

Quantum Chemical continues to be a Global Leader in innovative specialized coatings – in particular, fire resistant and environmentally-sound protective coatings. Through ongoing efforts in research and development and a team approach to
problem solving – Quantum will continually improve life safety and contribute to the preservation of infrastructure. 

Quantum will maintain a work environment where the dignity of the human person is paramount, while providing competitive compensation, a stable future for our families and a fair return for shareholders. A professional approach and an attitude of stewardship shall characterize every undertaking. Levity and good-natured camaraderie will be the norm between all employees.

Quantum will always consider the needs of its customers to be its driving force and will endeavor, through every good means, to provide solutions while ensuring that no harm is ever intentionally done to any person.

Quantum will always remain an example of uncompromised values and acknowledge that God is the source of all of our accomplishments.

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