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Mass Transit Innovation (MTI) Floor Systems

More than just a place to put your feet!

• Flexible, abrasion-resistant, seamless protective floor coating system
• Superior performance over other flooring materials used on train and buses
  - monolithic protection of floor substrate reduces life-cycle replacement costs
  - durable: excellent abrasion and impact resistance extends the life of the asset and decreases maintenance

  - chemical and stain resistant

• Work horse: meets all code requirements for fire and safety
• Show horse: unlimited basecoat and accent colors and patterns for a designer finish

• Can be customized to meet specific aesthetic requirements: not limited by quantity

Floor System: perfect choice in 'new reality' of COVID-19

  • Passenger safety is #1

  • Passenger confidence is #2

This liquid-applied floor system bonds to the subfloor - creating a permanent, monolithic seal over

the entire surface. This durable,

non-porous and highly cleanable floor has no seams to attract and hold dirt and germs, giving riders the confidence you are concerned and taking steps to protect their health and safety.

Seamless Floor System

BART Transit Car.png

Coatings Instead of Carpets

BART replaces old, dirty carpet.

PRECIDIUM™ MTI Floor provided the best solution.

  • Fire-resistant

  • Non-toxic

  • Zero VOCs

  • Durable: resistant to water, dirt, chemicals and constant grinding and shuffling of foot traffic

  • Easy to clean and keep clean

  • Aesthetic design requirements

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