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Image by Aleksei Алексей Simonenko Симон

When you need it to stick .... PRIME IT!

It's all in the Chemistry!


PRECIDIUM™ Epoxy 41-P Primer

Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Hardener


  • Corrosion Inhibiting Primer - Excellent corrosion resistance over properly prepared aluminum and steel substrates.

  • Designed for Polyurea/Polyurethane Systems - Significantly improves adhesion and corrosion resistance of polyurea and polyurethane fast-set elastomers.

  • Approved Primer for SafeCoat® Steel -  Excellent adhesion both before and during fire resistance burn testing.

PRECIDIUM™ 2200 Primer

Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso


  • Lower Viscosity - Can be applied at a much lower mil thickness. Allows better penetration in concrete substrates. Properly seals the substrate. Provides excellent adhesion to almost all properly prepared substrates. 

  • Inter-coat Adhesion -  Excellent when the product re-coat windows are followed.​

  • Urethane Primer - Designed as an adhesion primer.

  • Easy to Use.

  • Reduced Pinholing - Excellent on concrete.


Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso


  • Solvent Free - Eliminates solvent blisters. Reduces long waiting time. Maintains zero VOC of cured system. No flammability issues.

  • Low Viscosity/Long Pot Life - Spray with conventional equipment. Excellent penetration into concrete or wood. Good coverage on steel.

  • Anticorrosive - Significant improvement in corrosion resistance. Eliminates corrosion cells caused by pinholes.

  • Penetrates into Concrete - Strengthens surface of concrete providing twice the adhesive strength of topcoat. Eliminates pinholes.

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