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SafeCoat® FR-31: Fire Retardant Fabric Treatment
100% Cotton; 50/50% Cotton/Polyester Blend; 100% Polyester

Effective, environmentally-friendly, economical fire retardant penetrant used on fabrics that are water absorptive, to reduce flammability.

  • INTERIOR (re-treat when fabrics are laundered)

  • No visible residue, even on dark fabrics

Fabric Rolls

SafeCoat® FR41: Fire Retardant Broad Spectrum Treatment Use: Cellulosic Materials

Fire Retardant Penetrant is a highly-effective, environmentally-friendly and economical fire retardant treatment used on light-colored fabrics, straw, cardboard, paper and most water absorptive materials, to reduce flammability.

  • Designed for use on a wide variety of substrates

  • Reduces flammability where suitable penetration is possible (porous wood, wood-based products, dry vegetation, straw, water-absorbent materials, paper)

  • INTERIOR or TEMPORARY EXTERIOR.  Note: re-apply following rain/laundering 

  • Non-toxic

Garden Shed
Lanterns in a Tent
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