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It's all in the Chemistry!

High Performance

Coating Solutions

It's all in the Chemistry!

Fire Testing Update

November 21, 2017

Things are heating up at Quantum with testing of our improved protective fire resistant coatings becoming an almost daily event in our Fire Test Lab. Our in-house testing is moving us close to our goal of independent testing and listing of more robust structural steel protection. Our fire testing capabilities now include: ASTM E119; UL 1709; CANULC-S101; ASTM E1354

Brand New Brand

December, 2016

Quantum Technical Services Ltd. introduced our new image that more accurately reflects our active research and development in the global market and average annual growth of 15.5% since our inception ~21 years ago. This year we've added a completely new product brand - ILLUSTRIUM™. 

New Fire Test Lab

September, 2016

Quantum is excited to announce the addition of new fire test equipment and dedicated fire test room, increasing our test offering to include the following tests: ASTM E119; UL 1709; CANULC-S101; ASTM E1354.


We look forward to assisting you in the near future with your  test requirements according to the above standards. Please contact us for further information and pricing on these tests based on your specific requirements.  

Secondary Containment

April 18, 2016

Quantum Study on the Performance and Durability of Polyurea Containment Liners versus Polyethylene Based Geomembranes. This study compared the durability and large scale puncture performance of our state-of-the-art polyurea geomembranes as tested and compared to various polyethylene materials.The truncated cone test (Large Scale Hydrostatic Puncture, ASTM D5514) was used to determine a critical cone height for a 60 mil polyurea liner and 60 mil HDPE liner. 

'WINN' Win for Quantum

Updated December, 2016

Quantum was one of a select number of recipients to receive a financial contribution from Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the Minister of Western Economic Diversification under the Western Innovation Initiative (WINN). This included development of fire retardant structural steel protection and evolved further into the development of an innovative fire retardant coating for secondary containment.

November, 2014

Quantum moved into its own in April,  2010 when the company made a Quantum Leap from a leased property in Edmonton to an expanded new property in St. Albert. Within two years space was already limited and by early 2014 construction was underway to significantly increase Quantum's floor space.Most notably will be the expansion to Quantum's core business of research and development. A new test lab with additional test equipment will allow for optimum product integrity as new products evolve.

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