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Protecting Assets and Saving Lives

Fire Protection Simplified!

SafeCoat® Steel: Structural Steel and Q-Deck
CAN/ULC S101; ASTM E110; CAN/ULC S102; ASTM E-84
Use: Structural Steel; Q-Deck
• Class A: Flame Spread Rating <25 and Smoke Developed Rating <450 
• Fire-Resistance: Up to 2 hours on Structural Steel; 1 hour on Q-Deck
Our Engineers are always ready to assist with mil thicknesses, quantities and ratings.

SafeCoat® Clear II: Wood Construction (Clear)
Use: Clear to feature architectural wood's natural beauty  

• Class A: Flame Spread Rating <25 and Smoke Developed Rating <450 

SafeCoat® TBI: Spray Foam Insulation Thermal Barrier

Use: Spray Foam Insulation
• 10-Minute Thermal Barrier (Alternate to: OSB, MDF, Plywood, Fibreboard) 
• 15-Minute Thermal Barrier (International Building Code Requirement​) 

SafeCoat® PVC: FR Coating for PVC Fittings & Pipe
CAN/ULC S102.2
Uses: Class A Flame and Smoke Rating on PVC Fittings and Pipe

SafeCoat® FR-31: Fire Resistant Fabric Treatment

CAN/ULC S109-14; CGSB 4.2 27.1 MS; M87 (Canadian Standards)

Use: Water absorbent fabrics (100% Cotton; 50/50 Cotton/Polyester; 100% Polyester)

SafeCoat® FR-41: Fire Resistant Broad Spectrum Treatment

CAN/ULC S109-14; CGSB 4.2 27.1 MS; M87 (Canadian Standards)

Use: Fire retardant penetrant used on many water absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, and cellulosics.

PRECIDIUM™: Fire Resistant Polyureas/Elastomers 

ASTM E-84; ASTM E-162; IEC 60695-11-10 Test Method B;

CAN/ULC S668-12

Use: Specialized Industrial and Construction Applications (wood; metal; concrete)

Class A Flame Spread Rating <25

PRECIDIUM™: Fire Resistant Polyaspartics

ASTM E-162

Use: Specialized industrial and construction applications

Class A Flame Spread Rating <25

Hubbell: GreenJacket Fire Resistant Power Outage Mitigation

Use: Fire Resistant Electrical Utilities Wildlife Mitigation

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