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Mass Transit
Innovation (MTI)


Safety Data Sheet
• Resin    • Iso

Looks great. Lasts longer. Saves money.

  • Increased lifespan of sub-floor, metal components  and assemblies

  • Seamless, monolithic membrane is spray-applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces

  • Lightweight, seamless, impermeable membrane

  • Durability that protects throughout asset lifespan

  • Accent colors throughout the membrane

  • Aesthetic longevity

Ultimate Sub-Floor Protection

  • NOT your ordinary floor covering

  • Spray-applied protection system seamlessly seals floors, coves, walls, steps, wheel wells, and   encapsulates installed sub-floor penetrations

  • 100% sub-floor protection from the elements - water ingress, salt, sand, cleaning chemicals.

  • instant and permanent adhesion over properly prepared surfaces, eliminating VOCs and other issues associated with flooring adhesives

Advantages to Transit Authorities

  • Eliminates costly mid-life sub-floor and sub-assembly repair and replacement

  • Superior elastomeric provides superior abrasion resistance

  • Dimensional stability guards against temperature fluctuations and movement

Safety Matters

  • Slip-resistant walking surface

  • Integral safety markings eliminate
    tripping hazards

Additional Features

  • Green technology
    - 10% post-consumer content
    - Zero VOCs satisfy job-site safety requirements and environmental sustainability

  • Lightweight

  • 100% UV stable

  • Continues to look good even when subjected to the rigors of transit use

  • Ensures floors are cleaner and look cleaner to passengers

  • Damaged areas are easily repaired

  • Cost-effective, rejuvenating “face-lift” available for a fresh new look (without removing floor)

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