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Safety Data Sheets
2100 Substrate Repair:
• Resin     • Iso

2200 Primer:
• Resin     • Iso
• 41P Epoxy Primer

• Part A     • Part B

850D-FR Membrane:
• Resin     • Iso

Base Coat/Top Coat
• Resin     • Iso
PUD Accent Colors

Looks great. Lasts longer. Saves money.

  • Spray-applied, multi-layer coating: vertical or horizontal

  • Lightweight, seamless, impermeable membrane

  • Layers combine to deliver beauty and durability

  • Meets the highest standards for fire, smoke, toxicity, and coefficient of friction

Increased durability: reduced maintenance costs

  • Easy to clean and maintain for a pleasant commuter experience

  • Dirt can't collect between panels

  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance reduces wear

  • Easy to repair without replacing entire floor

  • Reduced cost and minimal asset downtime 

Enhanced design flexibility

  • Available in a range of solid colors

  • Optional splash accents for a designer finish

  • Easily customized to meet specific requirements  - match car interior designs
    - safety markings
    - integral designs 

Layers of the Floor System
Calgary Rail 1.jpg
Custom Design: a red flame was added for Calgary Transit LRVs in honor of the city's hockey team, the Calgary Flames.
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