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Rough jobs need tough coatings.

It's all in the Chemistry!

PRECIDIUM™ Industrial High-Performance Coatings


Safety Data Sheet
• Resin      • Iso

• Provides high slip and hardness to industrial equipment

• Ideal for lining gravel truck boxes, dump trucks, conveyor belts, shovels, and areas  
  requiring an extra durable and easy to clean surface

• Superior physical properties


Shore Hardness: 60D

Elongation: 393%

Tensile Strength: 3866 psi

Tear Strength: 540 lb/in

Taber Abrasion: (Mass loss after 1000 cycles)

CS-17 Wheel: 13 mg     H-18 Wheel: 263 mg

Conical/Mandrel Bend Pass Impact: Extrusion >320 in/lb; Intrusion >320 in/lb

Following Weathering (1004 hrs. =  20 hrs. UVB-313, 4 hrs. condensation):

Tensile Strength: 96.5% retention

Elongation: 100% retention

Quantum PRECIDIUM™ PCI and ILLUSTRIUM™ coatings for industrial equipments, trailers, agricultural equipment.
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Industrial Equipment M1172
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