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Keeping water where it belongs.

It's all in the Chemistry!

PRECIDIUM™ Waterproofing 

  • Complex infrastructures must be protected from corrosion and damage caused by high humidity, frequent cleaning and harsh cleaning products required to maintain sterile environments

  • Products need to be easy to clean and food safe

  • PRECIDIUM™ Systems are engineered to be durable, compliant, sustainable solutions in these  challenging environments



• Spray-applied, fast-set

• Seamless membrane

• High performance

Non-porous surface

• Cures without shrinkage

• Low Odor

• Does not hydrolyze, leach or
  contaminate other materials

• UV resistant

• Excellent retention of physical
  properties: interior/exterior


• New and existing facilities

• Substrates: steel, wood, gypsum,
  and concrete floors, walls, ceilings

  and frequently cleaned surfaces

  - Cannabis production operations

  - Food processing facilities
  - Agricultural facilities

  - Commercial kitchens

  - Construction

  - Zoo and game farms
  - Hospitals/health care centers

  - Retail stores, schools


• 100% solids, solvent-free

• Quick turnaround time available

• Waterproof: prevents corrosion
• High moisture tolerance

• Used in wide temperature range
• Easy to clean and resistant to

  bacterial and fungal development

• Resistant to graffiti, chemicals,
  abrasion, cracking or peeling

• Food safe

• Environmentally sustainable

• Reduced life-cycle costs

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