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Protective Elastomeric

Top Coat

Aquatherm Protective Top Coat for Fire Retardant Paints


  • One-component acrylic

  • Water-based elastomeric

  • Adds durability as a top coat

  • Can be tinted with universal colorants

  • Outstanding water resistance

  • Remains flexible at low temp.

  • Thermal protection

  • Interior/exterior use (this top coat is not fire resistant on its own and no tests have been done to qualify its use on our fire retardant products for exterior applications)


  • Protective top coat to improve durability on latex products such as our SafeCoat® fire retardant products (it is not a fire retardant on its own)

  • High-traffic areas

  • High-performance application

  • Old stucco and concrete

  • Properly prepared wood, primed metal, asphalt shingles, urethane foam, cement, plaster, gypsum wallboard, and most previously painted surfaces


  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

  • Change color and sheen of SafeCoat® Latex and SafeCoat® Steel

  • Great for high-traffic areas

  • Great where high humidity is present or frequent cleaning is required

  • Resistant to cracking under high flex conditions

  • Bridges cracks


  • Finish: Fine texture, satin

  • Color: White (can be tinted with universal tints)

  • Vapour Permeance: 2.98

  • Dry Time: Touch ½ to 1 hour

  • Re-coat: 1 to 2 hours

  • Full Cure: 48 hours

  • Elongation: ~200%

  • Tensile Strength: ~200 psi

  • VOC 30.2 g/L

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