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Quantum's growth is much more than the immediately observed physical foot print - it's the additional 7000 square feet needed for the increased research, development and testing capacity. It is the continued growth in technology and innovative products into new markets driving the facility expansion from the beginning. It is the combined expertise of a number of diverse chemists providing their own areas of excellence to a dynamic team. It is global reach. It is innovative products that provide the resolution to industry challenges. It is satisfied customers and the growth of their businesses that is Quantum's most notable growth and purpose for expansion.















Over the past two decades Quantum has observed one constant - the need for solutions to ongoing market challenges. The additional lab space - and equipment - will ensure timely solutions; state-of-the-art test equipment, and product integrity. 

Quantum Chemical Facility Addition increases lab and production space.
Quantum's production addition primed and ready for our PRECIDIUM™ Granite Floor.
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